1) A Nostalgic Waltz for Piano solo Op. 1 in E flat Minor

2) A Nostalgic Waltz (Orchestral)

3) An Elegy of Passion Op. 2 in A minor for Violoncello and Pianoforte

4) Lux Aeterna for Little George Op. 3 in A Major for Orchestra and 5 part choir

5) Obsessive Fantasy for String Quartet in G minor Op. 4 1st movement,
B flat minor 2nd Movement, G minor ‘La Catanese’ 3rd movement

6) Romance for Violin and Pianoforte in D minor ‘The Search’ Op. 5

7) Rhapsody for Violin and Piano ‘The Breathless’ in E minor Op. 6

8) Three Nocturnes for Pianoforte Solo

9) Op 7 Nr.1: ‘For a Lonely Night’ in E minor

10) Op. 7 Nr 2 ‘For a Dialogue in the Night’ in B flat Minor

11) Op. 7 Nr. 3 For a Restless Night Quasi Impromptu’ in A minor

12)Prelude for Piano Solo in C Major Op. 8 ‘Remembrance’

13) Serenade for Trio, Violin, Violoncello and Pianoforte in C major Op. 9

14)Midieval Aria for ensemble: 2 classical guitars, 2 recorders, harp, lute, violon, tambourine and triangle Op. 10

15) Passcaglia Ostinata and Variations for Classical Guitar and Viola (or Violin) in C minor. Op. 11

16) Four Concert Etudes for Pianoforte solo Virtuoso: Op. 12 Nr 1 ‘Rex Dominae’ in C # minor

17) Op. 12 Nr 2 ‘Diluvium’ in D minor

18) Op. 12 Nr 3 ‘Aegaeus’ in C minor

19) Op. 12 Nr 4 ‘Maleficus’ in G minor

20) Poetic Prelude Op. 13 Nr 1 in D minor for Piano and facultative Mezzo-Soprano inspired by a poem by Sappho ‘Song to Aphrodite’

21) Poetic Prelude Op. 13 Nr 2 for Piano Solo inspired by a poem by Sappho:
‘The Torments of Love’

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